In the grand expanse of human history, candles have woven themselves into the fabric of our traditions and homes, casting their warm glow across cultures and cutting boards. Today, as many seek a return to the simple elegance of natural living, beeswax candles emerge as a flickering flame of authenticity amid a sea of artificial luminance. At least they have in the Van Horn household. 

  1. Beeswax Candles Produce Less Soot

Behold the beeswax candle, born of the toil of our honeybees. It dances with a flame that is not only warmer but cleaner, leaving behind minimal soot, a virtue often lost in the smoky trail of its paraffin counterpart. In plain english, unlike paraffin candles beeswax candles burn cleaner.

There have even been studies that show that beeswax candles produce negative ions which bind to toxins in the air to clean up pollutants. Whether beeswax ultimately leads to a net negative in terms of emissions is up for debate, but they far outpace their counterparts in terms of cleanliness. 

Also, If you’re worried about soot and smoke, a few things you can do is make sure that your wick on your candles is trimmed. Also, make sure that your candles aren’t exposed to too much of a breeze when they are burning. The wind can cause more smoke and soot. 

In the world of artificial illumination, beeswax whispers a story of purity, leaving the air unburdened and untarnished.

  1. Beeswax Burns Longer

Despite its fervent dance of a hotter burn, the beeswax candle is no wavering performer. Its waxen composition, specifically its density, grants it a unique ability to linger. In choosing beeswax, one is not merely purchasing a candle; one is acquiring a companion for an extended journey through the night. 

For long vigils and prayers beeswax candles are perfect companions because of their ability to burn longer than other candles with the same amount of wax. There is more energy stored in each was molecule versus paraffin counterparts. 

In this video, a beeswax candle is compared with a paraffin candle. The paraffin candle goes out in about an hour and a half; the beeswax candle lasts about four and a half hours, which is significantly better. 

  1. All Natural

Natural and unadulterated, beeswax stands in stark contrast to the chemical-laden paraffin derived from the depths of petroleum. In this choice, we embrace a simpler melody, where the air is not burdened with the discordant notes of artificial additives. 

As I hinted at above the actual composition of beeswax is natural while that of paraffin candles isn’t. Beeswax comes from the wax produced by honey bees and has no other additives. Paraffin candles, especially the ones with added scents, have all sorts of nasty toxins. At their core, paraffin candles are made from crude oil. So even if you have a paraffin candle with no added scents you’re still burning a petroleum derivative in your home every time you light one of these candles. 

There is also some research that’s going to recycle plastic and use that recycled plastic as wax. While recycling is great for many things, burning plastic never seems like a good idea. Stay away from wax that has been made from plastic. 

  1. A Subtle, Clean Scent. 

Close your eyes and inhale the quieting scent of beeswax. It is a subtle whisper that evokes the sanctuaries of old stone churches and the wisdom-filled halls of old libraries. This fragrance, clean and timeless, transforms a mere space into a haven, where the ambiance is not dictated by overpowering scents but by the quiet elegance of tradition.

In a world of scent overload, beeswax has a subtle scent. While scented candles can be nice at times, there is something timeless about the smell of beeswax. 

  1. Beeswax Has Tradition Behind It

Beyond its tangible allure, beeswax carries within its golden core a history as rich as the golden hues it emits. From the scrolls of the Old Testament to the hallowed halls of Christian churches, beeswax candles have been witnesses to the unfolding of human spirituality. They are not mere objects; they are vessels of tradition, each flame a nod to the enduring legacy of a substance that has kindled the light of devotion for centuries.

Clayton Bower Jr. wrote this beautiful explanation of beeswax candles.

What’s more is there are many layers of Christological symbolism with beeswax candles. Clayton Bower Jr. wrote that the candle itself, close to the color of human skin, symbolizes Christ’s sacred humanity. The wick at the candle’s center represents Christ’s soul. As the candle burns and emits life the wax melts, which is reminiscent of how Christ in the sacrifice of his body gives humanity the light that was lost through sin. 

In the gentle glow of a beeswax candle, we find more than just illumination; we discover a narrative woven with threads of purity, endurance, and timeless tradition. Let us, then, light our paths with the serene radiance of beeswax, allowing its subtle flame to guide us through the corridors of history and into a future where simplicity and tradition dance hand in hand.


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