Happy New Year from the Van Horns (the family behind Ambrosian Candle Co.)!

As we reflect on 2023, the word that comes to mind is “reality,” as I think about the contrast between what is real and what pretends to be so.

Between conflicting media narratives (covering the same events), social media “hive mind,” and corporate/consumeristic smoke and mirrors, it is not always obvious what is real…what is true. Who do I believe? What personality should I follow? On what do I base my life?

Even when we know that catchy media headlines don't tell the real story, it's still easy to fall for the clickbait at times, compelled by something that has the veneer of reality. 

The same goes for social media. Our off-screen lives never seem to measure up to highly curated Instagram pages we scroll through. One thing is real, and one has the appearance of reality or showcases only the best parts of reality. Even on our (new) page, I’m guilty of posting the picturesque parts of our work (think Gregorian chant and picturesque farm days…), when in reality I have plenty of messes and moments of chaos. 

One of the primary reasons we started Ambrosian Candle Co. is to provide a dose of reality in a world that is full of cheap, shiny illusions. In the candle world, "illusions" mean candles that are derived from petroleum or that are entirely fake. When candles should signify purity and sweetness (hello beeswax!), nothing is more antithetical than plastic, electric ones masquerading as real ones.

Beeswax is the primordial candle-making substance. Nothing cheap, illusive, or fake about them. It’s no wonder that ancient Christians extolled beeswax’s qualities, so much so that they have played a role in the Christian tradition for centuries (see the Easter proclamation here). By returning to beeswax and committing to goods made of the purest, highest-quality elements, we are returning to the way of our ancestors, those who have lived in faith before us…those who recognized what was true, good, and beautiful.  

I’m hopeful for 2024. A year of seeking what is true. A year of further reclaiming tradition. 

At Ambrosian, we are doing it one beeswax candle at a time and we aren't alone. In a small, but growing corner of the internet, and within local communities and at farm stands across the country, we see small businesses and families pouring love into the products they craft so the world can remember what is real. We’re proud to be part of this group and encourage you to support this movement.


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My Reflection on 2023

Happy New Year from the Van Horns (the family behind Ambrosian Candle Co.)! As we reflect on 2023, the word that comes to mind is “reality,” as I think about...

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