Our Bees

Our apiary is the backbone of our small family farm. Each year we mange between 600-800 colonies to produce honey and beeswax that we sell to friends and customers both near and afar. 

We spend a great deal of time and effort to insure we have health bees and strong colonies that can take advantage of natures bounty each spring and summer.

We also move our bees on our "Bee Bus" (aka. Flatbed Truck) seasonally to capture unique blooms found through NW Florida. Due to our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico we have nearly 3 different growing zones in less than 100 miles which makes it feasible to capture nectar a from the White Tupelo Gum Tree, Low Bush Gallberry, upland Cotton and a host of Wildflowers.

 Once the Honey is collected in our boxes and the flower has stopped blooming, we bring the surplus honey home and begin the long process of extracting the honey and wax from the comb.The honey is slightly strained to retain all its health benefits but remove the wax and  and then stored in food grade containers until it is ready to sell.


The wax is the melted, filtered and stored in blocks of wax until needed to mold into our candles. 


We hope you enjoy all our products and can appreciate a little more of the work of the bee and beekeeper.