Beeswax Colonial Pillar Set


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  • 100% Natural Beeswax
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Colonial Pillars Set

Our Colonial pillars are classic beeswax candles poured into custom molds at the perfect temperature by a skilled hand and a watchful eye. When the candles are finished and set to dry, they carry the rich scent of our Florida Wildflower Honey and offer a beautiful golden glow.

To maximize burn time, keep the candles out of drafts and away from fans and our tapers will burn dripless for about one hour per inch of length.

Over time, bees wax will develop a whitish coating called bloom. This is the result of softer oils rising to the surface. Rubbing the candle with a soft cloth or warming with a hair dryer will remove candle bloom. Once removed, bloom will again reappear on pure beeswax. Bloom has no effect on how your bees wax candle will burn.

We use only 100% pure Beeswax, made from honey cappings after our honey harvest, pure cotton wick. No lead or metal wick is used in our candles.

This beeswax is harvested right from our own bees in Florida. We take our capping once or twice a year from our hives after we harvest the honey, melt it and filter it and process it into blocks & candles.


  • 100% Pure Florida Beeswax
  • Paraffin-free & lead-free, non-toxic & hypoallergenic 


  • 1.5" in diameter. Height is 6.5"


  • 30+ hrs


  • Trim wick to 1/4" before each lighting.
  • To avoid tunneling, burn for 3-4+ hours per burn and gently mold the warmed sides in toward the flame. This will melt the sides, using all of the available wax, and extend the overall burn time. It will also raise the liquid wax level, and shrink any over-sized flame.
  • To prevent uneven burning and potential dripping, use a metal tool to redirect a curled or angled wick to the opposite direction. To prevent wick breakage when doing this, be sure to nudge the wick below the level of the molten pool where the wick is not burned and thus stronger.
  • To eliminate smoke when extinguishing the flame, use a tool to drip wax from the molten pool onto the burning wick.
“But now we know the praises of this pillar, which glowing fire ignites for God’s honor, a fire into many flames divided, yet never dimmed by sharing of its light, for it is fed by melting wax, drawn out by mother bees to build a torch so precious.” - The Exsultet