Thérèsian Pillars - Beeswax Candle


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  • 100% Natural Beeswax
  • Family Made, In Laurel Hill FL
  • Built For Beauty & Long Burning


Our Thérèsian Pillar Beeswax Candles are an ode to craftsmanship and the natural beauty of coastal Florida's bees. They are embossed with countless  roses in honor of St. Therese of Lisieuxu's way of answering prayers. 

These candles are carefully poured into custom molds at the ideal temperature, and each candle is created by our family. As they set to dry, they are imbued with the scent of Florida wildflowers

Like all of Ambrosian candles these Holy Rose Candles are a remnant of tradition. They are a 100% pure beeswax with no artificial dyes, additives, or perfumes. 

Embrace the natural phenomenon of 'beeswax bloom' over time, a whitish coating that appears on pure beeswax. Or if you wish to remove it effortlessly, warm the candle with a hairdryer. Beeswax bloom has no impact on the impeccable burn quality of our beeswax candles.


  • 100% Pure Florida Beeswax
  • Paraffin-free & lead-free, non-toxic & hypoallergenic
  • Each candle burns for approximately one hour per inch of length


  • 4.5". x 2.75in.

Burn Time:

  • 16 hours 

Recommended Candle Care:

  • To prevent dripping, keep away from open windows, fans, or excessive airflow. Place your hand behind the flame when blowing out.
  • Trim the wick to 0.25" before relighting to prevent dripping. 
  • For minimal smoking, use a snuffer to extinguish the flame.
  • Illuminate your space with the purity of Holy Rose Beeswax Candles, a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and the gifts of Florida's bees
“But now we know the praises of this pillar, which glowing fire ignites for God’s honor, a fire into many flames divided, yet never dimmed by sharing of its light, for it is fed by melting wax, drawn out by mother bees to build a torch so precious.” - The Exsultet